pete’s bikes


youth Cycling in gorham, NH

The COÖS CYCLING CLUB, in partnership with the Gorham Rec. Department, has launched a new youth bike initiative, Pete’s Bikes. The goal includes reducing barriers to access the sport for local kids, encourage an active lifestyle, and a lifelong love of cycling.

With donations in memory of Pete Brockett’s, the CCC has contributed $4,000 and the Gorham Rec. Department has raised $2,697; combined we have purchased 9 Kona mountain bikes to be used by local kids in collaborative CCC/Rec. Department programming.

A key and final piece is to purchase a 5x10 enclosed trailer to store and transport the bikes.

Who is pete?

Pete Brockett was an ever present figure in the CCC community; doing trail work, joining group rides, planning, and more. Pete embodied the spirit the CCC strives to create through the Pete’s Bike program. Pete passed away several years ago doing what he loved - riding bikes with friends in Gorham. We honor him by creating with program.