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Do you love biking? So do we! The Coös Cycling Club is an all-inclusive group of cycling enthusiasts in Coös County, NH. We’re dedicated to great trails and open spaces for riding, building community, sharing our love of cycling, and most of all — having fun on our bikes. And that means any bike: fat, mountain, road, cruiser, tandem — whatever you love, we love too.

The CCC maintains and builds mountain biking trail in Gorham. 

The CCC gets together for loosely organized group rides, including family-friendly rides, mountain bike rides for all skill levels, and road rides.

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Here are some featured trails. Click buttons to view maps and see a full list of trails and descriptions.




A mellow, scenic trail with minimal elevation and some historic interest connects the miles of single-track riding in Moose Brook State Park with the Presidential Rail Trail and beyond. This connector makes it possible to link several different trail systems in town without riding on public roads.  

From Moose Brook State Park picnic area ride the trail to the swimming pool. Cross a bridge over a stone-lined canal and stay left towards the pool outlet and beach. Keeping the beach on your right, follow a grassy lane to a gate and a crossing of Jimtown Road. Directly across you will see a sign for the Hinchey Trail. Ride into a mixed hardwood forest and wind your way to a long, beaver dam crossing with open pond-turned-meadow on your right. Enter a dark, yet open stand of softwood, skirt the edge of a local’s dirt-bike track (keep right) and begin a mellow ascent on an abandoned roadbed along a finely crafted rock wall, remnants of the Civilian Conservation Corps. When the trail splits stay left to finish Hinchey trail and access the Presidential Rail Trail. The right-hand option will take you to the Lost Campground Loop, a 1 mile side trip that is well worth the short, graded climb.  


*From Moose Brook State Park: park in the center lane of the picnic area and follow signs to the swimming pool at the far end. A small day use fee may be paid at the park office or in the iron ranger located at the entrance to the picnic area.  

*From Jimtown Road: park in the small pullout on the left <.25mi from Rt. 2, adjacent to the Presidential Rail Trail. 


1.0 mile, beginner

A fast swoopy trail through open new growth woods, Pumphouse track rides well in both directions. The nearly level grade and dirt treadway make this an ideal beginner ride. Pumphouse also serves as a single track connector between the multi-modal and Pine Mountain trails and downtown Gorham via Bellevue Rd.

From the multi-modal trail, find single tracking heading east on the south side of the Moose River bridge. Enter into a mixed hardwood and softwood stand with the river on your left. You’ll find fast and flowy tread through the woods. After veering right at a paper birch, there’s the short downhill; be prepared for some slightly more technical turns, lumps and bumps at the bottom. The trail continues through open and shady new growth forest carpeted with ferns. A (usually) dry Moose River overflow channel will be on your left, until the main channel rejoins the river bed. Go past a small bog on your right, home to some large hophornbeam, as well as brown ash trees. Exit under the apple tree arch to the powerline cut, veer south through the grass to Bellevue Road and the pumphouse.


*From Rt 2 parking: carefully cross highway and head south on the multi-modal 1/10 mile. Directly south of the bridge across the Moose River, find Pumphouse single track heading east (Pine Mountain Loop heads west).

*From Bellevue Rd: at the red brick pumphouse, follow single track north-east on the powerline cut, in 1/10 mile veer west under an apple tree arch to the wooded trail.


GRoup rides


The CCC offers twice-weekly group rides all summer and into the fall. Girls' Ride meet on Mondays at 5:30pm at the Moose Brook State Park parking lot. Group Ride meets on Wednesdays at 5:30pm at the Moose Brook State Park parking lot.

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Trail Work & Projects

A few quick notes on some of the work we've done.


Perkins Path

A major club project in 2015 was the reopening of the Perkins Path in Moose Brook State Park. With the help of a successful fundraiser we were able to purchase lumber and planking for many bog bridges, stream crossings, and a new 40 foot bridge. These and other improvements have brought this scenic trail back to life for the enjoyment of cyclists, walkers, and snowshoers alike. Work will continue in the coming years to finish the entire trail's needs.


Corbin's corner

The downhill blast of Crosshairs connecting from the power lines above onto Old River Road always ended with a rather soggy, muddy, rocky finish until this summer when Corbin's Corner was installed. One of the CCC's own regulars and accomplished carpenter, Bill Corbin, was tapped to build one of the more advanced structures on the club built trails. This awesome wooden bridge with ramped out-slope allows both aggressive and passive riders a fun ride exiting Crosshairs. No more mud, no more stalled bike, just sweet riding!


Many Hands make Light Work

There are a number of ways to help support the Coös Cycling Club. We're always looking for help on trail works days, but if hard labor isn't you thing click on the donate button and check out other options.